Bactakleen Marvakleen

Marvekleen has the capacity to destroy harmful bacteria and virus on surfaces and water, while yet being completely safe on food and human skin. One application can allow the disinfection effect to last for several hours making it an affordable disinfection solution for daily use. Marvekleen can be dispensed using a pump spray bottle, ULV fogger, humidifier (to disinfect air space in a room or a car) or wiped on a surface. It also doubles up as a hand sanitiser. Marvekleen is literally nature’s “super disinfectant”.

Marvakleen is a 25L Concentrate that dilutes 9 times

Bactakleen ULTRA Mist

Worlds No 1 selling solution

Bactakleen Mist 60ml is a non toxic Oil based anti bacterial, anti Viral, anti fungal spray that will eliminate up to 99.99% of bacteria and fungus in the air and air conditioning system. This product has been perfectly designed to make our immediate environments both cleaner and healthier. The Treatment lasts for up to three months.

I x 60ml bottle can do 13 treatments!!!!

BactaShield Basic

Bactakleen Bactashield Basic 5L is a non-toxic water based anti-bacterial and anti-fungal spray that will eliminate up to 99.99% of bacteria and fungus on any surface. Bacteria and fungus spores will die with immediate contact with any treated surface. One spray on the surface will last up to 3 months for long term protection. Bactashield Basic is completely transparent and odourless and is 100% safe on any surface. AREAS OF APPLICATION

I 5L Bottle can do 4,5 treatments!!!!